Body Image Freedom: Revolutionize Your Body Image in Just 5 Days
Body Image Freedom: Revolutionize Your Body Image in Just 5 Days
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Bust through negative beliefs, change your mindset, and start feeling awesome in your own skin with this information-packed, free 5-day course.
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  • ​4 powerful myths that are holding you back — and exactly how to bust them.
  • ​How social media can be a secret weapon for good in your body image journey (if you follow these steps)
  • ​A simple strategy you can use to rewire your brain and change your body image
  • ​How to create an environment that will promote better body image to the people around you (even your kiddos)
  • ​2 ways to change your relationship with your body for the long haul
Hi, I’m Molly Galbraith, co-founder of Girls Gone Strong and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. Over the past 15+ years, my team and I have helped hundreds of thousands of women heal their relationship with food and their body, and have been featured in and consulted with some of the world's biggest companies including:
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