6 Ways You Can Help Your Clients Improve Their Body Image
In this FREE blueprint, I'll explain why you can have so much influence on your clients when it comes to body image, and how you can use that power for good.
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In this FREE Blueprint, I'll show you: 
  • Why, as a coach, you may be the only person a woman opens up to about her body image issues.
  • ​How to promote body positivity through what you say (and don't say) about your own body and others.
  • ​How helping your clients develop performance-based goals they're excited about allows you to truly champion your clients' successes.
  • ​Times when being vulnerable about your own goals and struggles can make you more relatable to your clients (this kind of authenticity can be powerful for you AND your clients).
Hi, I'm Molly Galbraith.
I am co-founder of Girls Gone Strong and creator of the GGS Academy. This movement has grown to over 500,000 women from 70+ countries around the world. We've helped thousands of coaches and trainers better understand, connect with, serve, and empower the women they work with.
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