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Help Your Clients Get The Exact Results They Want -- Without Spending Hours Writing Custom Training Programs
Help Your Clients Get The Exact Results They Want -- Without Spending Hours Writing Custom Training Programs
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Girls Gone Strong has consulted with or been featured by some of the world’s biggest and most reputable organizations for their women-specific knowledge. 
What You Can Expect From Our Get Results Programs
Get Results is a set of four programs, all laser-focused on helping your clients get the results they’ve always wanted.

Help them get stronger, gain muscle, lose fat (or do all three!) -- without spending hours writing custom programs. Your clients will be happier, and you’ll save dozens of hours of precious time.

Get stronger, gain muscle, lose fat, increase your energy, feel better... whether your clients are brand-new to strength training, returning after a break, or they’ve been lifting for 20+ years, Get Results can help!

We use research-backed, time-tested methods to help your clients get incredible results. Writing high-quality, safe, effective programs takes years of experience and hours of time. Let us handle the programming for you -- saving you hours of time every month.

Have questions? We have an incredibly supportive closed FB community of over 26,000 health, fitness, and nutrition professionals you can connect with for support, encouragement, networking, and more.

We're so confident that you (and your clients!) will love our Get Results programs that they come with a 60-day risk-free money back guarantee. Don't love the program? Just let us know within 60 days and you'll get every penny back. Guaranteed.

No more confusing diets or restrictive meal plans! Instead, we’ll walk you through some of the "big rocks" your clients need to tackle nutritionally to get the results they’re looking for.

Through our website, books, and coaching programs, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of women from 80 countries around the world get the results they want, and we continually tweak and evolve our programs based on the latest research in nutrition, exercise, psychology, and behavior change.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We have two levels of workouts to choose from, and every program is easily customizable to fit your clients’ unique schedule, preferences, training experience, and equipment availability.

Our mission is to provide research-driven, body-positive programs to help women all over the world achieve their goals, and we’ve even reduced our price to make it as accessible as possible.
What Is Our Get Results Program Bundle?
Our Get Results programs were written by a team of world-class women's health experts with a combined 100+ years of practical experience.

These women are strength and conditioning coaches, nutrition experts, exercise physiologists, and National Weightlifting Champions...

...and they've helped hundreds of thousands of women in 80+ countries around the world reach their health and fitness goals in a safe and sustainable way. And they’ve created Get Results to help you (and your clients!) reach your goals.
Imagine if you had a program that walked you step-by-step through exactly what your clients need to do to reach their goals...
All the workouts...
All the nutrition habits...
All the lifestyle factors...

All in one place.

Imagine if it was written by the world’s most trusted leaders in women’s health (who are there to support and guide you along the way).

And imagine if it was delivered in a simple, easy-to-understand, self-paced format that can be customized to fit your clients’ lives and schedules.

That’s exactly what you get with our Get Results Programs.

These program walks you through the exact nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits and behaviors your clients need to get the results they want -- in a sustainable and lasting way.

Whether you're clients are brand-new to strength training, returning after a break, or they’ve been lifting for 20+ years…

...Get Results can help your clients get the exact results they want -- without YOU having to spend hours writing custom training programs.
What Do I Get With The Get Results Bundle?
All four of our 100+ page printed manuals
Each Get Results Manual is broken into four parts:
  • Part 1: All About Getting The Results You Want
  • Part 2: How to Perform Your Get Results Workouts
  • Part 3: 12 Weeks of Get Results Workouts Focused On Your Goal
  • Part 4: How to Customize Your Get Results Workouts
The books are each broken down into these four parts so you not only understand exactly what your clients need to do -- but you understand why they need to do it -- to ensure they get maximum results while staying safe.

Plus, we include how to customize your these workouts to fit your clients’ ability level, preferences, schedule, and access to equipment.
12-week Get Started Program
For women who want to start strength training or return after some time off, without fear of getting hurt, or doing it wrong.
12-week Get Lean Program
For women who want to lose body fat in a sustainable way, without extreme dieting or exercise.
12-week Get Jacked Program
For women who want to gain muscle and look like they lift, without spending their life in the gym.
12-week Get Strong Program
For women who want to gain maximum strength so they can crush big weights, without fear of getting hurt.
FREE BONUS ($99 value!)
You get a FREE printed copy of our Get Results Fundamentals Manual -- a primer to teach you the foundational information you need to know to ensure your Get Results training programs are as effective as possible.

Get Results Fundamentals includes more information on our Girls Gone Strong Fitness Formula, nutrition and lifestyle factors affecting progress, how to identify goals and track progress.

PLUS it includes a glossary of common fitness-related terms and acronyms so the programs are super easy to read and follow.
FREE BONUS ($99 value!)
You get our Cardio Boost Digital Download -- FREE!

This Cardio Boost Bonus digital download is designed to help you incorporate fun and energizing cardio workouts into your training clients' schedules (no boring workouts here!).

PLUS they’re customizable for your clients' ability level, goals, schedule, and access to equipment.

We have options for bodyweight-only, dumbbells or kettlebells, and traditional cardio equipment. And it’s all optimized for use on mobile devices! 
FREE worldwide shipping.
As soon as you place your Bundle order, you’ll get immediate access to the digital version of all our Get Results programs, plus our team gets to work packing up and shipping out your Bundle.

Whether you prefer to access your workouts from your phone, or you like to hold a copy of your program in your hand -- we've got you covered.

And worldwide shipping on your Bundle is 100% FREE!
Immediate access to your order
As soon as you place your Bundle order, you’ll get immediate access to the digital version of all our Get Results programs and your bonus downloads.

Our mobile-friendly workout programs are available at the click of a button so you're always prepared, whether you're at the gym or at home.
Online community of like-minded peers and world-class experts. 
In our closed FB groups, you’ll find thousands of like-minded health, fitness, and nutrition professionals to connect with, many of whom are using our Get Results programs with their clients (and themselves)!

You can ask questions, get support and guidance, encourage one another, and share your coaching tips and ideas to help your client’s stay consistent and accountable.

Plus this group is filled with our world-class Girls Gone Strong experts who are also available to offer support and advice.
Developed by Experts That Other Experts Trust
Developed by Molly Galbraith, CSCS and co-written with half a dozen world-class women's health experts, Get Results is one of the most well-researched, comprehensive programs for women in the world. 
Molly Galbraith, CSCS, 
Co-founder of Girls Gone Strong
Hi, I’m Molly Galbraith, co-founder of Girls Gone Strong, the largest platform for evidence-based, body-positive, women-specific health and fitness information. I’m also the creator of the Get Results Exercise Programs, with help from my brilliant team, of course!
I’ve dedicated the last 15 years of my life to making health and fitness easier and more accessible to women all over the world so they can achieve their goals and feel more comfortable and in their bodies.

Throughout my career I've consulted with organizations like Precision Nutrition,, and Yale University, and through my brick-and-mortar gym, books, and coaching programs, I've helped thousands of women get the results they're looking for, while healing their relationship with food and their body. 
"Girls Gone Strong is changing the game for women! They take all of the different aspects of women’s health and fitness and presents them in an easy-to-understand way. As a health care provider and wellness expert, I believe these programs are amazing. Definitely take action and get your copy right away!"
Dr. Jessica Shepherd, OB-GYN, MBA
"If you work in health and fitness, I highly recommend learning from my friends at Girls Gone Strong. Their Get Results programs are second to none and is an absolute must for women. But this isn't just a professional recommendation; it's personal too. As a father of two daughters and two sons, I want them all growing up in a world that's been influenced by the inclusive, body-positive teachings of GGS."
Dr. John Berardi, PhD
"Molly Galbraith and Girls Gone Strong are changing the landscape of women’s health and fitness. All of their programs are developed with passion, love, expertise, and incredible attention to detail. I’m 100% confident these programs will equip you with exactly what you need to know to get the results you want, while staying safe in the gym.” 
Dr. Angela Gorrell
60-Day, Money-Back, No-Risk Guarantee
We are so confident that our Get Results programs will free up so much of your precious time, we’re willing to back that up with a 60-day risk-free money back guarantee.

There’s literally ZERO RISK to you.
Because we believe in making high-quality information as accessible as possible, we're currently offering our Get Results Digital Bundle for $100 off our general, public price!
Single Payment
Save $100 USD off our regular price of $499 USD
Money-Back Guarantee

Monthly Payment
Save $100 USD off our regular price of $499 USD
Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions
Take the first step today toward helping your clients get the best results of their life — grab your Get Results Bundle now.
If you’re like most of our trainers we’ve worked with, you’re probably looking for ways you can serve your clients really, really well, AND save precious time.

Our Get Results Bundle can help.

Let us remove all guesswork and give you 48 weeks of high-quality program designed for multiple ability levels to save you HOURS of writing training programs for your clients.

Girls Gone Strong is the world leader in research-backed, body-positive women’s health and fitness information, and this is your chance to learn from the best.

We’d love nothing more than to help your clients get the results they’re looking for and SAVE YOU TIME. But you have to start with this one small step.

We can’t wait to work with you.
What's Possible With Get Results?
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