Free 5-Day Course: What You Can Do About Sexual Harassment in the Fitness Industry
Free 5-Day Course:
What You Can Do About Sexual Harassment In The Fitness Industry
Learn exactly what to do (and what NOT to do!) so you can create a safer environment for women while protecting your career. 
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The research is clear:
Women are being sexually harassed & assaulted in and out of the gym
Without your help, systemic change will NEVER happen.
Hi, I’m Molly Galbraith, co-founder of Girls Gone Strong and creator of the Coaching & Training Women Academy. Over the past 15 years my team and I have worked with hundreds of thousands of women from 75+ countries around the world, and have been featured in and consulted with some of the world's biggest companies including:
This is your chance to be part of a solution–
even if you have no idea where to start.
With a movement of 750,000 women from 75+ countries, and years of experience educating health and fitness professionals, we're uniquely positioned to offer simple, actionable, and powerful steps you can take to begin creating systemic change in our industry and create a safer environment for women in and outside the gym. 
Don't wait a second longer.
Sign up for this FREE 5-Day Harassment and Sexual Assault Course, and we'll teach you: 
  •  What to do if you witness or suspect sexual harassment
  •  What to do if a woman confides in you that she was harassed
  • What to do if you experience harassment personally
  • How to identify behavior that seems OK (but it's really not) so there's no confusion
  • How to avoid common mistakes guys make (even when they think they "get it")
  • How to create a safe, welcoming environment for clients and patients
  •  What you can do to stop sexual harassment and assault (hint: it's not staying quiet)
  • How to be part of the solution (not part of the problem)
Plus, you'll get BONUS downloadable resources including how to create an anti-harassment policy for your gym, anti-harassment signage you can print and post, and case studies and sample scripts to help you understand what to do if you witness harassment or a woman confides in you she's been harassed. 
This 5-Day Course is completely FREE
Watch the video, review the lessons, and download the resources to start doing your part to end sexual harassment and assault. Simply add your first name and email address to get started.
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